Are you curious how multitasking women can keep their positivity and energy levels high with feminine energy crystals? If you’re a woman handling countless tasks daily, you can certainly relate to the need for that extra boost of energy.

In this modern world women are multitaskers, juggling undeniable roles from being mothers to professional working ladies, a family pillar to the country president. Women need extra power, spirit, positivity, and balance to perform all these tasks. But the burning question is how to get extra energy. Let me introduce a signal solution to all these things: feminine energy crystals. Yes, wearing crystals can empower you and replenish your spirit. Women collect crystals for fashion, but wearing the right crystal will enhance your life and give you a stylish look too. Do you know what crystals are best for women?

Here, we enlisted 7 feminine energy crystals for you which can channel positive vibes and energy  in women.

Top 7 crystals for women

Hundreds of crystals have their own unique power and energy. But few crystals are best for women; here is a list of 7 different crystals for feminine energy with unique talismans that help women play incredible roles in their daily lives.

Rose quartz

Fair and lovely rose quartz is the most essential crystal for women. It is known as the stone of the heart. It has a delicate feminine energy of love, compassion, healing, nourishment, and peace. It heals the emotional wounds and traumas. It spreads love and positive energy throughout the aura.

Additionally, It fulfills one’s capacity to spread and receive love among each other truly. Thus, the person feels a sense of contentment and personal fulfillment.

Rose quartz is one of the best feminine energy crystals for people who have never felt love and contentment. They may lack the childhood love they didn’t receive, which is vital for growth and a sense of safety

Moreover, Rose quartz cures these wounds. It removes the previous imprints and reprograms the heart to accept the incoming love. This powerful stone vanishes all the past trauma and pain. Thatswhy it is called best crystal for peaceIt also gives you self-love and promotes growth and nurturing.


The oldest stone, amber, also known as the “gold of the sea,” is one of the famous  feminine energy crystals . It is a soft and gentle stone that is good for short-tempered women. It removes the negative mood and relieves anxiety. It gives you positive energy and vibes.

Amber plays an important role in healing as it removes the negative energy from the body. It is considered good for people who are suffering from depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. It brings positive change in one’s life. It is a supporting stone for women thats why it is best crystal for feminine energy. .

You can either carry it in your pocket, wear it as a bracelet, or use it in prayer beads. Amber can also purify your environment or remove all the negative energy from your place. You can use it as a spray or burn it as an incense.


Natural citrine is considered a stone of manifestation, imagination, and personal will. It is a life-giving stone. It boosts the chakras like the sunlight of spring and deviates the mind from negative thoughts. Citrine gives a new start, new pursuits, and hope.

Citrine is suitable for interpersonal relationships and women. It eases family problems and brings good solutions. With the help of citrine, you can make good decisions  because it is crystal for self confidence. Citrine protects you from people and situations that can break your heart. It protects you from jealousy and spite.

By wearing citrine, you will be capable of receiving joy and letting go of anger and negative energy. Citrine is one of the top feminine energy crystals because It relieves depression.  It boosts self-confidence and self-expression. It helps you to move on.  It is really good in helping women in menses and menopause.

 In the past, it was considered to make women happy and bring fertility. Thus, it is good for women to wear citrine jewelry


Garnet is famous as the stone of tangible truth. It helps you manifest the real side of the physical world. It aids you in combating depression, anxiety, and fear. It is considered beneficial for people exploring astronomy, astrology, and mathematics.

It is also effective for fertility, sexual potential, and libido. It also provides aid during childbirth thats why it is in the list of best feminine energy crystals .


It is so good for the health of the ovaries and testes. On the other hand, it provides emotional stability. It gives you a sense of safety and love. This is considered the stone of love and physical relationships. It also leads you to spiritual directions.

Amethyst is linked with the third eye, crown, and etheric chakras, boosting cognitive perception and intuitive and psychic ability. It develops a great understanding of things and heals the loss of loved ones.

Amethyst is a famous crystal for women. It is effective for women who are overburdened, over-stressed, or overwhelmed. It relieves mental pressure. Amethyst is best for meditation and calming your mind and body.


Jasper is also known as ” supreme nurture.” It provides stability, comfort, and a sense of security. By wearing jasper feminine energy crystals you feel warmth and peace.

Jasper is well known for being inductive to happy and smooth pregnancies.  It is a strong regenerator of sperms if you combine it with garnet or topaz. It also brings stability by relieving anxiety. If you are suffering from panic attacks, then you must wear Jasper.

It gives you feelings of compassion, patience, humility, and generosity. It also works for women who want to conceive.

Carry or wear Jasper if you want to bring tranquility to your life. Its cleansing effect removes all the negativity around you. It boosts your concentration level, too. You can also wear it if you want to get rid of nightmares and bad thoughts. It can also be used as a diet stone as it provides physical energy. It is effective in intermittent fasting.

If you have any ambiguity in life and want some balance in life, then you can do meditation with Jasper.  


Moonstone carries great energy. It boosts psychic power, vision, and dream work. It can boost your emotions and stimulate kundalini energy in women. It brings emotional balance to men. If your kids have nightmares, then it can be effective in this regard.

It can bring gentleness to you.  In women, it can boost the intuitive side of the mind because moonstone is one of the best  feminine energy crystals.

Plus, Moonstone brings balance to men’s nature with feminine aspects of their nature. It radiates balancing and healing energy. It aids in recognizing emotional patterns that are in the subconscious mind.


Feminine energy crystals are best for multitasker women because these stones bring positivity and energy to their lives so they can handle different tasks easily. There are many crystals that women can wear or keep in their pockets, but the seven crystals mentioned above have phenomenal feminine energy.

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