Life is a rollercoaster, but we can make it a rhythmic river. How? You need to evoke the rhythm of love in your life. Activate the self-love, the calmness in you to experience happiness and peace. You can feel this inner happiness and peace by activating the Anhata Chakra or the Heart Chakra through a magical crystal. 

Embarking on a spiritual journey holds power as it involves harnessing and managing the energy of your chakras. This informative article aims to guide you through the process of activating your heart chakra and enhancing your aura. By utilizing these five crystals and gemstones you can manifest your dreams and aspirations, leading a fulfilling life filled with love, compassion and joy. Even a small stone has the potential to bring balance to your well being.

Once you begin meditating with these crystals and gemstones they will assist in balancing and opening your heart chakra. Feelings of loneliness or depression often indicate energy or an imbalance within the heart chakra. Let’s delve into the techniques for activating this chakra using effective crystals.

Are you prepared?

What Does The Heart (Anahata) Chakra Do?

In Sanskrit, the heart chakra is known as the Anahata chakra, which means PURE. It is the fourth main chakra among the seven primary chakras. Anahata Chakra is essential to self-love; it enhances your confidence and attitude, making you popular among others. Also, it improves your daily activities too. 

Once you activate this chakra, you will learn to accept and appreciate yourself. The color of the Anahata Chakra, or the Heart Chakra is Green and Pink, and some crystals will reflect these two colors. 

The love for yourself makes you stronger and helps you to forgive past mistakes and heal yourself. Here are some benefits of heart chakra.

  • Manifest compassion, forgiveness, and empathy
  • Radiate the energy of pure love.
  • Feel the self-love, love for others, love for everything that surrounds you.
  • Begin to open to the universal energies of love
  • Your relationships strengthen, and you begin to feel aligned with yourself

What Happens if The Heart Chakra is Blocked?

Blocked chakras can affect your whole spiritual body and daily or physical life. Not only your mental peace but blocked chakras can also invite physical ailments or disease. Very few people know that the heart chakra directly impacts the heart, lungs, chest, arms, and hands. Due to an imbalance, blood pressure, circulation and other lung or heart conditions can occur. 

Along with this physical effect, blocked energies can profoundly affect our minds and mental health. An imbalanced heart chakra can lead to dependency on others, manipulative behaviors, feeling useless, and an inability to trust yourself. 

Many more signs let you know your heart chakra may be blocked.

  • Feeling of loneliness
  • Tendency to keep grudges against people you love
  • Love to keep yourself isolated from others
  • Extremely defensive behavior
  • Feeling jealous frequently
  • Fear of intimacy
  • Always see yourself either as a rescuer or a victim
  • You have a trust issue.

Once you open or activate the heart, the chakra will release the emotional blockages and evoke the emotional balance. The shooting energy and vibration can calm emotions and boost inner peace. The Anahata chakra promotes physical healing and can address issues like high blood pressure or heart palpitations. The heart chakra also promotes forgiveness, unconditional love, and compassion through emotional stability.

What are The Symptoms of An Open Heart Chakra?

You can open your heart chakra through proper asanas, meditation, and with the help of crystal ally stones. When your heart chakra is open, your insight into reality switches from “thinking about things” to “feeling things.” 

Physically, you can feel the symptoms of your heart chakra opening by a warm vibe in your chest area. When you successfully remove all the blockages, you will feel so light. Once you start experiencing the vibration of the Anahata chakra, you might feel emotional instability. A bluster of excitement and being so happy for no reason. 

But one thing I would like to share with you when I started this spiritual journey. I felt some negative symptoms, too. Don’t worry; if you experience such symptoms, it is part of the process of your chakra opening. 

Here are the benefits of open-heart chakra:

  • Feeling your emotions much more deeper and profoundly
  • Realization of a deeper connection with self and ambiance
  • Readability to accept changes with gratitude
  • Giving and sharing with others is much easier
  • You feel stronger feelings of love and compassion toward others
  • Improves emotional attachments in all your different relationships
  • Connect with the rhythms of nature and experience synchronicity
  • Create the life of your dreams easily through manifestation

Why Use Crystals To Open, Activitate, and Unblock the Heart Chakra?

There are dozens of techniques you can tap into and try to awaken and clear the heart chakra, like meditation, eating certain foods, yoga poses, music, etc. Personally I find using healing crystals to be one of the most enjoyable methods. Let’s delve deeper into how we can unblock the heart chakra.

Now let’s explore some reasons why crystals are known to activate and unlock the heart chakra.

Energetic Vibrancy: Our universe has its own distinct and unique vibrational frequencies, which you can hold and convert into energy to activate your anatha chakra through Crystal. Sound meditation is a beautiful way to activate the heart chakra. Meditating with music playing on a frequency 396+639 hertz will evoke the sensation of self-love. Crystals will help you to align and balance the energy that surrounds you. 

Color Compatibility: Color plays a great role in activating your heart chakra. Pink and green crystals are excellent for healing your inner peace, as it is associated with emotions like compassion and love. Those colors’ energy helps you come out from your shell and embrace your loving energy. 

Benefits of using certain crystals

Throughout history there has been a belief in the healing and helpful properties of crystals Crystals not only have an impact on your physical health but also can positively influence your love life, relationships and career. 

As you begin incorporating crystals into your life you’ll discover how they can assist you in finding equilibrium while promoting self care and empathy. By activating the heart chakra with crystals you can unlock peace by releasing any barriers, traumas or negative emotions that may be trapped within your heart.

Crystals hold the profound power in their hands to help you progress faster on your unique journey toward healing. These glistening miracles help you embrace your truest truth and build resilience and grit as you work toward progress and success.

If you want to fast track and compliment your heart chakra healing journey with beautiful crystals, try out our heart chakra healing bracelet set.

5 Crystals and Gemstones for Heart Chakra Activation

There are SO MANY stones that you can reach out to and lay your hands on to balance and activate the heart chakra, so you have the freedom to choose the one that aligns with your intentions and resonates with you. Come with me on an exhilarating journey where I share five crystals and gemstones that I love to use and that can assist you in opening up to love, purity and tranquility in your unique and special life.

1. Green Aventurine for Heart Chakra

Green Aventurine is the heart stone for those who love to take risks and step out of the  norm and usual when it comes to love. This stone resonates deeply and so incredibly profoundly with the spirit of a true lover and adventurer. It’s my go to stone for maintaining a tranquil balance in my life between self care and giving time and energy to my career opportunities and personal goals for growth and success. This is my absolute favorite stone for healing my heart chakra, as it is affordable and super easy to source or find but still packs a big energetic punch.

2. Pink/Rose Quartz For Heart Chakra

Pink/Rose Quartz stone is the stone  you need if you want unconditional love in your life. In my opinion, this stone is  a must have in your crystal healing collection. Rose Quartz will work like a magical healer if you are physically or emotionally disturbed. 

If you want to improve your love life, career, and relationship, get the rose quartz night light with a warm glow. This is perfect for evoking love, romance, and joy.  

3. Prehnite for Heart Chakra

Green and Pink crystals are excellent for heart chakra healing. Prehnite is a lime green crystal that works well to break the bondage of phobia, fears, and negative beliefs. This healer stone brings peace, harmony, wellness, protection, and courage. You can wear or carry it in your pocket to boost your spirit. 

The elements like water and earth dominate Prehnite. So when you charge it under fresh or tap water, it releases its power in the best war. Running water optimizes the crystal and prepares a shield around you to protect it. 

4. Rhodonite for Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra helps you control your emotions; this stone, Rhodonite, is known as the best emotional healing gemstone. It allows you to clear your emotional blockages and supports you to enjoy your loving relationships to the fullest. This magical crystal restores balance in the emotional body and resonates with you to feel the essence of pure love. Meditate with this store and breathe deeply to get the best result in the heart healing process. 

Remember, large Rhodonite stones are rare and expensive too. But if you can manage to afford and locate one, you can get the best result with its high vibrational energy. 

5. Malachite

Are you going through tough love? Then, welcome the freedom and balance in your life with this Malachite stone for heart chakra. This crystal helps you shine your psyche, analyze your past decisions, and recover from that. Once you accept all the harshness and wash out everything, you will achieve self-acceptance and self-love.

How To Use Heart Chakra Healing Stones

  • Sleep with the stone under your pillow for a sound sleep
  • Carry a piece in your pocket or purse while going to work or achieving something. It attracts the opportunity to you.
  • Wear the crystal as a pendant close to your heart to heal the heart chakra. 
  • While meditating, hold the stone in your hand and lie with it on your chest. 
  • Keep the Rose Quartz on the windowsill of your room to attract love and peace to the space. 
  • Carry the stone wherever you go outside; it keeps you calm in your daily activities. 
  • Listen to some heart chakra activation music to attune the frequency of your heart and crystals to  639 Hz.


Using heart chakra crystals in your spiritual life can powerfully impact your emotional well-being. These crystals evoke unconditional inner self love, compassion for those who you interact with, and healing of your shadow self through balancing and activating the heart or anhata chakra. The 5 crystals mentioned above are usually my go to stones for when my heart chakra needs some fine tuning.

These crystals help you escape past traumas, improve self-love, and promote confidence on your journey. All of these crystals can help support you in your daily life activities, emotional balance, and harmony. So try it and enjoy a transformation from a mechanical towards the spiritual world. 

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