Aquarius is one of the twelve-star signs in astrology. People who are Aquarius are usually born from January 20 to February 18. The symbol for Aquarius is the Water Bearer, which shows someone sharing knowledge and ideas with everyone in honesty. They are using wisdom, hard work, and inspiration for the well-being of humanity. In this article we will dive into the personality of Aquarius, and what are the best crystals and gemstones they can use to complement their quirky traits.

In this article learn about

Aquarius Personality Traits

  • Open-Minded: Aquarians hardly care about different ideas and ways of life. They are laid-back about new ideas and do not worry about what is “normal.”
  • Conversational: Aquarians like discussing the intriguing aspects. They appreciate it if you are into thoughtful conversations.
  • Independent: They value their freedom. They like partners who are not needy and have their own interests.
  • Kindhearted: Aquarius wants the world to improve. They like people who are nice and kind.
  • Creative: They appreciate uniqueness and creativity. Therefore, if you have a little quirkiness, they’ll find it interesting.
  • Friends and Lovers: Relationships are based on friendship. They want to have fun with their partner as friends.
  • Non-Judgmental: They look for someone who understands their peculiarities and allows them to be the way they are.
  • Future-Focused: Aquarians enjoy discussing future plans and dreaming together. They don’t tend to dwell on the past.
  • Need for Space: They enjoy their own company and freedom. It is also essential to balance time together and give them space.

Challenging Aquarius Personality Traits

1. Feeling Misunderstood: Occasionally, Aquarians feel like others do not really comprehend them as they have distinctive and unorthodox thoughts. This might make them feel lonely.

2. Stubbornness: At times, some Aquarians can be stubborn in defending their opinion, even when it is evident that it is wrong. This can generate conflicts in relationships.

3. Overthinking: They are very deep thinkers. It might lead to excessive thinking, anxiety, and difficulty in decision-making.

4. Need for Independence: Aquarians really value their freedom and personal boundaries. This sometimes makes them appear distant and uninterested in close relationships.

5. Sudden Mood Swings: An Aquarian can become overjoyed and then suddenly sad in a matter of moments. This can confuse both them and their loved ones.

6. Resistance to Tradition: They often clash when they resist traditional ways and are not ready to follow traditional customs.

7. Difficulty Expressing Emotions: It might be difficult for Aquarian partners to openly express their emotions, which can be frustrating for their partners who need emotional closeness.

8. Impatience: They may also be impatient and want things to happen fast. In fact, impatience can turn into frustration when some things do not go as expected.

9. Being Too Idealistic: Most Aquarians have high ideals, expecting a great deal both from themselves and from others. It can be disappointing when reality fails to conform to their ideals.

10. Struggling with Routine: They may quickly get bored of routine tasks and chores and, therefore, procrastinate or avoid them altogether.

What Kind of Person Does Aquarius Like?

• Respect Their Freedom: They love freedom, so they want someone who leaves the room and doesn’t try to control them in any way.

• Open-Minded: Aquarians enjoy individuals who are receptive to other people’s views and ideas and do not judge by their differences.

• Good Conversationalists: People who have deep conversations are their kind of talkers.

• Kind and Compassionate: Aquarius likes being kind and caring towards others and the world.

• Supportive of Their Dreams: People with similar goals and are able to encourage their creativity and originality are the Aquarian’s favorite.

• Fun and Adventurous: Aquarius enjoys being with a person who is excited for new experiences.

• Respects Their Quirks: They love people who value their peculiarity and do not try to make them the same.

• Future-Focused: Aquarius likes to be with people who are excited about planning with them for the future.

• Respects Their Need for Alone Time: Because they want their personal space, they like a person who recognizes and respects that.

 What Zodiac Sign is Aquarius Compatible With?

When it comes to compatibility, Aquarius can form harmonious relationships with many zodiac types, albeit certain signs are naturally more compatible, as they share values, qualities, or complement each other.

Here are a few zodiac signs that are often considered suitable matches for Aquarius:

Gemini (May 21 – June 20): As they share the air element, Gemini and Aquarius communicate and connect intellectually very well. There is a sense of freedom and independence in this relationship.

Libra (September 23 – October 22): Aquarius also gets along well with another air sign known as Libra. In the relationship, harmony is the value that both signs share, and they are both social and outgoing. They respect each other’s ideas and have a sense of justice.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21): Sagittarius and Aquarius love adventure and exploration. They both try new things and have an open mindset.

Aries (March 21 – April 19): Even though they may not seem like a natural match at first glance, Aries and Aquarius can have a powerful pull towards each other due to their shared independence and uniqueness. They both enjoy being active and pursuing their passions.

Leo (July 23 – August 22): The outgoing and enthusiastic nature of Leo can complement the detached and intellectual approach of Aquarius. Leo and Aquarius can balance each other out with warmth from Leo and deep intellectuality from Aquarius.

Best Careers for Aquarius

These people can be excellent workers in fields that will improve the world, such as philanthropy or social work. New ideas, new stuff to discover or invent, Aquarians are all about it. They would like their job and career to offer them a chance to explore.

They fit into careers that involve artistic talents such as drawing, writing, or making music. Aquarius can be good listeners and helpers, so jobs where they can talk to people and provide support, like counseling, might be a fit.

They often care about the environment, so they might like jobs that help take care of our Earth, like working for green companies or in conservation.

What is Aquarius’s Lucky Color?

Blue For Aquarius

Blue is the same color as the sky on a clear day or a calm ocean. It assists in positive thinking and good dialogue. When Aquarians wear blue or see it, it’s like an indication to keep composure and think before acting.

Turquoise For Aquarius

This is a mixture of blue and green. It is a creative, booster, and balanced color. It is like a sign to Aquarius that their ideas are cool and that they care about making things right. Turquoise around them gives them creativity and reminds them to do the right stuff to others.

What are Aquarius’s Lucky Numbers?

 Lucky Number 4 for Aquarius

The number 4 to Aquarius can feel very lucky. It’s just like finding a penny that is lucky or a favorite sweater that always comforts you. When they see four, it is a little sign that some fortunes might be coming.

Lucky Number 7 for Aquarius

For Aquarius, the number 7 has a special meaning. It’s like a secret code that gives them good vibes. It’s akin to discovering a four-leaf clover; it’s quite unusual and feels like a small, unplanned present from the universe.

Lucky Number 11 for Aquarius

To Aquarius number 11 is a friendly tap from destiny. It is like making a wish on a shooting star and feeling that it’s going to come true. When an 11 appears, Aquarius knows they’re on the right path, and something good is coming their way.

What are The Best Crystals for Aquarius?

Health Stone for Aquarius – Green Ghost

Corresponding Chakra: Heart Chakra

Promotes natural healing, supplies energy to the body, fights tiredness, boosts the immune system, and reduces headaches and muscle pain.

Green Ghost Crystal Matching:

  • Red Agate (Career): Improves decision-making and leadership ability.
  • Blue Sandstone (Emotional Balance): Calms emotions, promoting relaxation.
  • White or Clear Quartz (Well-being): Helps to balance and clean the chakras.

Academic Stone for Aquarius – Amethyst

Corresponding chakra: Crown chakra

Balances body and mind and enhances thinking, judgment, and decision-making. Supports personal growth.

Amethyst Crystal Matching:

  • Citrine: Improves learning and memory.
  • Lapis Lazuli: Aids clear thinking and creativity.

Protection Stone for Aquarius – Obsidian

Corresponding chakra: Root chakra

Grounds and protects, assists in emotional healing, releases negativity enhances self-awareness, and personal growth.

Obsidian Crystal Matching:

  • Garnet: Enhances personal charm and self-assurance.
  • Red Agate: Relieves anxiety and fosters emotional health.

Wealth Stone for Aquarius – Garnet

Corresponding Chakra: Root Chakra

It brings good luck and positivity, enhances personal charm and confidence, and makes you more beautiful and secure in relationships.

Garnet Crystal Matching:

  • Aquamarine: Supports better communication.
  • Green Ghost: Improves wellbeing and counteracts fatigue.

Marriage Stone for Aquarius – Opal

Corresponding Chakra: Opal balances and clears all Chakras.

Boosts creativity and inspiration, encourages emotional balance and inner peace, and encourages self-expression.

Opal Crystal Matching:

Red Agate: Boosts personal charm and attractiveness.

Garnet: Garnet enhances positive characteristics such as good luck, strengthening Garnet’s harmonious qualities.

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