Because crystals and constellations have a natural indissoluble bond, when people choose crystals, they always like to ask, is this crystal suitable for my constellation? What does it do? Each type of crystal has different energy. For example, aquamarine has the effect of encouragement and communication. For different groups of people, crystals often have different effects. If it’s just a whim, buy it and wear it after listening to one-sided words, often can’t achieve the desired effect, and even some crystals will bring negative effects to the wearer, such as Aquamarine. Because some people wear aquamarine jewelry, which is not only not conducive to communication, but also may become a badass or a troublemaker in the eyes of others!

Gemini and Sagittarius: Aquamarine

Gemini and Sagittarius are originally constellations that do not need to increase communication skills, so there is no need for external forces to improve any communication skills. Aquamarine has the effect of relieving stress and calming emotions, but at the same time, it will also bring the wearer the desire to communicate with others. Gemini and Sagittarius, two constellations that like to communicate with people, will be able to Annoy the people around you to death, and talk too much, so these two constellations should use Aquamarine with caution!

Aries, Virgo and Aquarius: Aquamarine

Aries, Virgo, and Aquarius, these three constellations are notoriously unreasonable constellations, especially if Mercury falls in Aries, even if you surrender and admit your mistake, they will never let it go, I believe you will always follow these three constellations. People who deal with this constellation must resonate deeply. If you wear aquamarine jewelry for them, you may cause yourself a little trouble. Because Aquamarine largely encourages people to speak their minds, as the three major constellations whose eyes are absolutely not tolerated, even if they usually restrain themselves, their mouths are already vicious. mean. Therefore, if these constellations want to better improve their communication skills, it is best to choose other crystals instead of aquamarine.

Taurus, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn: Aquamarine

Taurus, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, people of these four signs are the least good at expressing their own ideas, so they often suffer from being dumb, and finally make themselves unhappy by accommodating others. And Aquamarine has the desire to promote communication. For those who are less talkative and who hold back their opinions and refuse to speak out, the effect of Aquamarine can help strengthen their inner desire to communicate, and then express their opinions accurately. Opinion. Therefore, these four constellations are the most suitable for wearing aquamarine jewelry.

Leo And Aquamarine

Leo people generally know what they want. Although they are not very good at communicating, aquamarine can enhance the lion’s self-awareness, so after wearing aquamarine jewelry, it may also make the lion more inclined to his own ideas. And even worse, ignoring other people’s ideas.

Scorpio and Aquamarine

Scorpio has always been a constellation that knows what it wants, and rarely has communication problems. This is a constellation that clearly distinguishes right from wrong among the 12 constellations, and they often don’t need Aquamarine to help them communicate. Most people think that Scorpio people are scary and have poisonous mouths, but as long as they don’t provoke them, they will not take the initiative to hurt others with words, so wearing aquamarine jewelry is no different for Scorpio.

Pisces and Aquamarine

Pisces is the same as above, although Pisces also has a confused side, but Pisces people are never stingy in communicating with others, instead they hope to communicate with others, and Pisces has its own sense of proportion. Of course, what is more dangerous about Pisces is that although the sun falls in Pisces, Mercury falls in Aquarius and Aries. As mentioned earlier, you should be careful when wearing aquamarine jewelry, otherwise you will easily cause yourself trouble!

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