Are you looking for love, peace, spirituality, and harmony? Or are you on the hunt for money, good health, or respect? 

Despite all efforts, if you are unable to achieve your goals, know that it is about time to make massive changes in your life. And one of them is to believe in the power of the world-famous crystal, Amethyst. 


But Why Should You Believe in the Power of Amethyst? 

Considered a gemstone that can sweep you off your feet but still keep you grounded, Amethyst is a beloved gem cherished and loved by many. 

Often associated with spirituality, crown chakra, and the third eye, this purple gem is not just pretty or an ideal stone for fashion-savvy individuals. It also has powerful properties to heal and help you become a successful individual. 

If you are contemplating buying an Amethyst now, don’t rush. Read this discourse to learn more about this natural beauty before you spend your money. 

The Meaning of the Amethyst Gem

In the pool of thousands of beautiful stones, does a purple stone with glassy luster always catch your eye? Well, that, my friend, is an Amethyst stone that eludes wisdom, calmness, and spirituality. 

The name Amethyst comes from a Greek word, amethysts, which stands for sober mindset. This beloved stone has been a part of this world since 25,000 BC. 

The popularity of this gem knew no boundaries, and so it was quite a favorite and well-loved stone among all Romans, Egyptians, and Greeks. 

In fact, Greeks cherished the stone’s grounding poignancy and believed that it could help them against intoxication. They thought that wearing Amethyst could protect them from falling down drunk. 

This thinking is often considered true even today. A drunk mind is associated with bad behavior, clumsy decision-making, and high emotions. By wearing Amethyst, one can get rid of all these bothersome characteristics because of the stone’s strong association with deep contemplation, clarity, and control over life. 

It is safe to link the crystal’s purified outlook with divine and spiritual beings. This is because words like trust, grace, serenity, and understanding often represent the stone.

Amethyst is a popular birthstone for February and is associated with the zodiac sign Pisces. Since February is often represented as the month of love, wearing the stone can bring in lots of brightness, light, and harmony in your life. 

How Do Amethyst Stones Form?

The glowing amulet with purple and lavender hues appears as a long prismatic crystal made from volcanic rocks. Once the hot rocks cool down, the saturated mineral water, volcano material, and gases crystalize to create Amethyst crystals. 

The deep purple gemstone is known to be one of the hardest crystals found on this planet. It weighs around seven on the Mohs scale and is also pretty durable. 

The durability gives the stone its versatility, making it easy to cut the crystal into different shapes and sizes. This is why you may find this stone in the form of jewelry pieces such as pendants, earrings, and rings. 

Amethyst is part of the quartz family and can be found in different parts of the world, including Brazil, Siberia, and Sri Lanka. The stone’s price may vary as per its color, depth, and size. 

Does Amethyst Offer Any Benefits? 

If you don’t wear gemstones only for their appearance but also for the benefits they offer, Amethyst might be your favorite crystal to own. The magical stone offers many amazing healing properties for both your body and mind. 

Want to know about them? Keep reading!

Healing Properties for Your Body

If you suffer from poor sleep, make Amethyst your new best friend. The stone is believed to have the power to regenerate cells, promote healthy hormonal balance, and offer soothing rest and sleep. It also keeps your metabolism well-balanced, reducing the production of cortisol in your body and curbing your stress levels. 

Besides, the stone’s purple hues can cleanse and detoxify your system. Do you often suffer from migraines and a foggy mind? This can be painful and disturbing, but by wearing Amethyst, you can pull yourself out of a cloudy state any day. 

While you can wear Amethyst to eliminate insomnia for good, the crystal can also boost your immunity. If you suffer from a disease wreaking havoc on your body, wearing the crystal religiously may heal and strengthen your body to fight against all illnesses. 

Healing Properties for Your Mind

We can’t stress enough how this beautiful stone converts your chaotic mind into a clear and calm one. The results are remarkable and truly magical. When you start wearing Amethyst, you feel a calming, soothing, and grounded feeling in your mind, and that’s what everyone needs to live happily. 

Another great thing about this stone is that it doesn’t let you hold or cry over all the negativities surrounding you. Since the gemstone encourages spirituality, it helps you recognize the balance between life and death, allowing you to see only the positive aspects of your existence. 

You can also wear the stone to reduce your anger issues or improve the art of decision-making. Amethyst helps in developing a calm and collected mind so you can think wisely, argue less, and make decisions for your and your family’s betterment. 

Amethyst’s Amazing Metaphysical Benefits

The stone doesn’t fail to surprise you with its metaphysical properties. Make sure to include this crystal in your healing pack, as it helps you discover your spiritual awakening. Since Amethyst is strongly associated with the crown chakra, it helps form a strong bridge between your spiritual and physical realms. 

The power of Amethyst doesn’t stop here. It is also directly associated with the third eye chakra, allowing your sixth sense to bloom. 

Amethyst and the third eye chakra are represented by the color indigo, and that’s where they come into play together. If you suffer from severe depression and anxiety, know that your third eye chakra is blocked. To unblock it and bring your light and sparkle back, wearing Amethyst crystals might work wonders. 

Can You Wear Amethyst?

Yes, you can wear it as long as you have Cancer, Scorpio, or Leo as your zodiac sign. This is because Amethyst is compatible with these signs, and so keeps you safe from all types of side effects. 

Besides, the stone can be worn by everyone being affected by the negative energy of planet Saturn. Amethyst helps keep this negativity at bay. 

You can also wear it to bring stability to your life and achieve your goals. 

Wearing Amethyst the Right Way

Have we convinced you to add this excellent stone to your crystal collection? Whether you wear it as an earring, pendant, or as part of your bracelet, know that you must look after it to work its magic on you. 

Amethyst may lose its color if left under bright sunlight for an extended duration. You must also keep it away from heat sources as well, so it stays in its purest form all the time. 

Cleansing of the stone is also imperative. 

Suppose you have received the stone as a gift. In that case, several hands must have touched it, so you must clean it to wipe off any of the crystal’s negative energies. 

Here are a few methods you can follow to cleanse your stone. 

  • Place the stone for a minute under running water. Water is the best cleanser as it helps transfer a stone to its natural form. 
  • Dig your stone in a bowl full of brown rice. Let it be there for a day before reusing it. Discard the rice as soon as possible, as it may carry the negative energies transferred from your Amethyst. 
  • You can also bathe your stone in natural light so it absorbs all the cleansing powers offered by the moon. 

You can wear the crystal daily, provided it doesn’t affect your mind and body negatively. For instance, some bearers may not find the stone to be compatible with their bodies, leading to several side effects. 

Most commonly, you may suffer from consistent bloating and nausea. Often, women are the victim of this side effect. If this happens in your case too, stop wearing it and see a medical professional as soon as possible. 

Incompatibility with an Amethyst stone may also lead to restlessness, outbursts of emotions, regular headaches, and dizziness. You may also feel stressed and have nightmares at times. 

Instead of waiting for these health issues to worsen, get in touch with a doctor and give your body a break from wearing the stone. 

Wrapping Up

Who doesn’t crave spirituality, peace, and harmony back into their world? We all do, and that’s why having Amethyst close by is the perfect remedy for all worldly and spiritual problems. 

This is more than just a stone. Amethyst is a beautiful healing tool to help you build your peaceful persona and give you the courage to face all the lows in your life. 

Wear your crystal with pride, as it definitely is a game-changer. However, if, for some reason, you don’t feel good after owning it, remove the stone for some time and consult an expert for the correct cause. 

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