Obsidian is regarded as a stone of protection and purification. Its energy is very strong and powerful, and it has the best blocking effect. It can eliminate negative energy and resist evil invasion. It can enhance courage and determination and help people get rid of fear and negative emotions. Its appearance is as black as ink, full of mysterious luster. It is considered to be the guiding stone of the soul.

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What material is obsidian?

It is a common naturally formed black gemstone. It is a volcanic crystal, also known as “Dragon Crystal” and “Tokachi Stone”. The main component is silicon dioxide. Obsidian is often used in jewelry and ornaments because of its unique ability to reflect dazzling iridescent light, which is mesmerizing. Most obsidian jewelry comes from Central and North America, where obsidian is the national stone of Mexico. The deep black monocular obsidian is found in Arizona and New Mexico in the United States.

The efficacy and role of obsidian?

Obsidian can absorb negative energy and relieve stress

Obsidian itself has strong energy, it can absorb negative energy, eliminate fatigue, calm the mood and relieve stress. Keep you calm and cool in your busy life.

Dispel negative energy:

Obsidian is called an “energy vacuum cleaner”, which can convert the surrounding negative energy into positive energy and get rid of them. Make your mind more pure.

Obsidian calms the mood and enhances qi and blood circulation

It is not only effective for warding off evil spirits and blocking evil spirits, but also very effective for dreaminess. The magnetic field energy of obsidian is calm, quiet and continuous, which helps to enhance the circulation of Qi and blood in the body and improve the symptoms of weakness and Qi deficiency.

Obsidian’s ward off evil effects

Protection amulet: Obsidian is regarded as a talisman, which can help you build a strong protective barrier to prevent the invasion of malicious energy.

The meaning of obsidian?

Obsidian has a meaning of peace

because in ancient times, the obsidian was worn with peace and blessings, and when it was given to family members or friends, it had the meaning of wishing the wearer peace.

Obsidian also has the meaning of bravery

Obsidian is also called the tears of Apache. In traditional Indian culture, it has the momentum to move forward bravely, so obsidian has the courage to move forward bravely.

Obsidian also has the meaning of love

Giving obsidian to the other half has the meaning of blessing the other half to be happy, and obsidian is easy to break, so it needs double protection, and it has the meaning of being together for a lifetime.

Which Chakra Does Obsidian Correspond?

Obsidian is considered a very healthy gemstone, corresponding to the human body’s root chakra, which is the center of connection to the energy of the earth. The root chakra is primarily associated with survival, existence, stability, and material support. Obsidian can help discharge negative energy, assist in stability, and allow people to live in the world more solidly and stably. It helps to deeply understand and explore the inner world, improve intuition, stimulate creativity and wisdom.

Who should wear an obsidian bracelet?

Five elements: belong to water (note: because obsidian can only be worn on the right hand, and the right hand is out, so it is suitable for friends who need diarrhea)

Obsidian removes negative energy

(1) Obsidian has the functions of eliminating negative energy, resisting villains, eliminating stress, keeping awake, and eliminating emotional distress. It is suitable for people who frequently stay up late and are physically and mentally exhausted.
(2) It is suitable for people who have too many thoughts and are easily awakened from dreams.
(3) It is suitable for people with a lot of negative energy, unstable emotions and bad luck.

What zodiac sign is it suitable for?

Obsidian has different influences on different constellations. If you are one of the following zodiac signs, then obsidian will be perfect for you:
Scorpio (October 23-November 21): Obsidian can help Scorpio balance emotions, enhance intuition, and make them more confident and firm.
Aquarius (January 20-February 18): Obsidian can help Aquarius release their inner creativity and unique thinking, making them more creative and innovative.
Pisces (February 19-March 20): Obsidian can enhance Pisces’ intuitive abilities and help them better understand their own and other people’s emotions.
Sagittarius (November 22-December 21): Obsidian can bring positive energy to Sagittarius, increasing their luck and good fortune.
No matter which constellation you are, wearing obsidian will make you radiate confidence and charm, and become the focus of everyone’s attention!

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