Do crystals have energy healing properties? Why do famous personalities wear crystals and

stones? No doubt, Crystals, with their vibrant colors and intricate structures, have

fascinated humans for centuries. People love to collect crystals or stones and use them in

many ways, like crystal-infused water bottles, perfumes, gemstone healing necklaces,

facials, and massage rollers.

Beyond the crystal’s aesthetic appeal, many enthusiasts believe that crystals possess a

unique form of energy that can influence human well-being. These kinds of crystals are

known as healing crystals. They believe crystal brings peace, wealth, and positivity, but

some dismiss this concept.

According to some resources, it existed 6000 years ago with ancient Sumerians of

Mesopotamia. Until now, there are no side effects of healing seen. Are you thinking about

what science says about crystal energy? Let me tell you, follow the scientific concept. What

does science say about the supposed energetic properties of crystals?

In this article, we will explain to you What does science say about crystal healing energy?

What does science say about crystal healing energy?
Benefits of healing crystals
Top 5 healing crystals

What does science say about crystal healing energy?

Crystals have wonderful effects in different therapies, but when it comes to science, few

scientific researches proved that the crystal healing energy is effective.

Scientific experts say the crystals possess an energy that allows positive energy to flow into

the body to improve overall well-being.

C.C French performed a study on 80 people provided crystal therapy and found that 72

people stated they felt positive change, and only six said I feel nothing.

According to a Chinese medicine doctor and founder and formulator of JKB wellness labs,

“The vibration and frequencies are known as qi or the vital energy that makes up any living

entity. ” It is considered that crystal healing can cure a person either by vibration or

through mindset.

In 1970, IBM researcher Marcel Vogel gave the term “vibrational medicine,” in which crystal

healing changes the vibration of the body’s molecules to match the vibrational energy of the

crystal you are wearing. Crystals have the same energy as humans and enhance the healing


In a study, Polack stated that crystal absorbs energy from pressure and movement and

changes this energy into a unique type of positive energy that aids in relieving stress andanxiety.

Los Angeles-based holistic chiropractor Alexandra Trevisan said, “We can work within this

energy scale either ascending or descending. On your scale, love and passion should be on

the top. At the same time, fear and hate should be the last. Healing crystal attracts one or

more energies at the high end of the scale while repelling the energies from the low end of

the scale.

Benefits of healing crystals

Here are some reasons why you should keep healing crystals with you


Crystal healing tackles the power of the mind in a more effective way than vibrational

energy improvements. Religious leaders and poets consider these crystals a sign of purity,

pleasure, faith, and perfection. Crystals are also a sign of devotion, inspiration, and


According to Stanford researchers, “mindset has a great part in health and healing.” It is

based on an intention-based mindset of crystal healing. Mindful meditation can aid in

immunity, emotional processing, stress relief, and CNS regulation.

Placebo effect

The most effective way of crystal healing is the placebo-effective way. This is the most

reliable tool to get a healthy lifestyle and well-being. It works on both emotional and

physical well-being.

Cross cultural significance

Crystal healing has great historical and cultural importance. Dr. Kim said, “My expertise is

rooted in the principle of qi, the link between the wavelength of the universe, human mind,

and body.” This knowledge is passed down from generation to generation for centuries

Piezoelectric effect

A scientific principle used to explain vibrational medicine is known as the piezoelectric

effect. The crystal converts mechanical pressure into another form of energy like sound,

electricity, and light through the piezoelectric effect. This technique is being used in

batteries and microchips. This concept is used in crystal healing to magnify the energy’s

potential in the human body and surroundings.

Top 5 healing crystals

There is a wide range of healing crystals, but here we mentioned the top 5 crystals that

everybody has.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a transparent crystal that possesses versatile and powerful energy. It is often

called the “Master Healer”. It’s an essential tool for different healing practices.

Here are some benefits of clear quartz

*Cleanse and purify the energy inside and outside the body

*boost memory

*improve concentration

*enhance spiritual awareness


Obsidian is a crystal in various shades, including black, mahogany, and rainbow. This

healing crystal helps in many ways, as

*It absorbs and dispels negative energies

*shields against negativity

*promotes emotional balance.

*Aid in letting go of past traumas and attachments,

*help in emotional healing and release emotional blockages.

Rose quartz

Rose Quartz is famous as the “Stone of Love” and is associated with unconditional love and

emotional healing. This gentle pink crystal opens the heart chakra and assists you in the

following ways

*promote self-love and forgiveness

*balance relationships

*attract love and enhance feelings of empathy and understanding. provide comfort

during times of grief


Jasper is a healing crystal that is available in various colors and patterns. It has grounding

and nurturing qualities.

*It provides stability and balance

*and helps to bring a sense of tranquility and wholeness.

*Enhancing creativity

*gives you the courage to promote emotional healing and connection with nature.


Bloodstone, or Heliotrope, is a dark green stone with red specks resembling blood drops.

*It cleanses and purifies the blood

*support physical health and detoxification

*help in grounding and protection.

*Give courage, resilience, and strength.


Crystals are not just stones. They have a powerful energy that helps to unblock chakras.

Recent scientific research has proved that crystal stones attract wealth and improve

physical and mental health. These crystal stones are used in different therapies; every

person should keep healing crystal stones.

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